IED is an innovative young organization bringing a fresh approach to the challenges of poverty alleviation. IED’s overall goal is to raise the living standard of disadvantaged Congolese while contributing to the reconstruction of the DRC by providing business development services (BDS) and carrying out development, research, and policy advocacy projects.


IED's strategic objectives include:


(i) to empower the community with the technical know-how and innovative tools to fight abject poverty through, amongst others, establishing and sustaining micro, small and medium enterprises,

(ii) to promote development partnerships in efforts aiming to achieve sustainable development in the DRC,

(iii) to promote a conducive policy environment for sustainable poverty reduction focusing on advocacy for more youth and women’s participation in business activities, self-employment, and self-reliance, and  

(iv) to foster R&D efforts on sustainable development in the DRC.

Four broad overall strategies are used to achieve this. First, we conduct training and consultancies on BDS and entrepreneurship in particular to community groups including women, youth and farmers’ groups, community-based organizations (CBOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government institutions and businesses. Second, we develop and demonstrate innovative approaches to combating social, economic, political and cultural ills contributing to extreme poverty. Third, we conduct research on sustainable development issues to inform IED projects’ formulation and implementation as well as policy advocacy. And fourth, we carry out advocacy on the national policy environment affecting poverty reduction efforts. These four strategy areas underpin our four strategic objectives  


IED currently focuses on learning more about the environment in which it operates and exploring some project ideas. We conduct pilot and research projects, all designed to put IED on a strong footing to begin more substantial activities.




Upcoming Events

Name Date Location
Leadership Accelerator 12/08/2013 Baraka, DR Congo